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Portable Solar Chargers

These Portable Solar Chargers provide on the go charge and recharge for all your iPod, iPad, iPhone and other USB chargeable phone and computer devices.
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Portable Solar Chargers allow users to both run and recharge
their handheld devices through their USB ports. Portable Solar Chargers can
recharge themselves whenever Sunlight or other bright lights are available. As
a source of emergency power for small devices, Portable Solar Chargers can be a
lifesaving tool for travelers, hikers, and other away from home excursions. Great
item for campers, survival packs, and other emergency supply boxes. No need to
carry an extra supply of batteries.  Easy
to carry, light weight, and compact, our economical Portable Solar Chargers are
an ideal way to insure you always have a backup power source for your portable
needs.  Portable Solar Chargers can
provide power for tablets, GPS, smartphones, portable game systems, action
cameras, dash cams and most USB devices. You can even recharge your MP3 player
and power your portable Bluetooth speaker when away from home. Portable Solar
can provide multiple full charges for the average smartphone.  Their lightweight, compact form factor makes
this unit a great travel companion.  No
need to hunt for an electrical outlet to power your phone, tablet or other
device when on the go, your Portable Solar Charger will meet your needs.  Just let the sun be your battery charger and
let the Portable Solar Charger do the work.
Available in several sizes and charging capacities, there is a Portable
Solar Charger suited for all your needs.
Look through our selection and see the many possibilities for using our Portable
Solar Chargers
both at home and on the go.